Balloon Twisting for Memories & Smiles

Balloon Twisting in Marion Massachusetts Did you know ballooning started in the early 1900’s! Yep, but you don’t want to know what balloons were made of back then. Eeeeew!

Anyway, Balloonists or Twisters from Marion Massachusetts as they are also known, are great for creating a fun atmosphere at any event. Perfect for kids birthday parties, christenings, corporate events, family fun day and grand opening celebrations.

Ballooning involves twisting colorful balloons into a range of designs from small and simple to large and elaborate. At My Little Youngsters Club we’ve mastered an array of animal designs, flowers, wands, swords and hats and currently working on advanced designs (of course) that we hope to bring to our next event.

Take a moment and enjoy some amazing Balloon Art images…

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