Your birthday party preparation list on how to plan an unforgettable kid’s party

Are you ready for some fun filled kids party ideas? Kids love parties (& parents to 🙂 – that’s just an obvious fact of life! But there’s no denying that kid’s birthday parties often require a lot of effort on their parent’s part. With so many details to consider – such as the venue, theme, decorations, and food – it can be quite overwhelming.

Thankfully, My Little Youngsters Club is here to help you. Kids Party ideas should be our Motto, We live by that Keyphrase!  As one of Massachusetts leading children entertainers, we love nothing more than a good celebration (in fact, we’ve hosted quite a few great ones, if we do say so ourselves!) So, we’ve put together the ultimate kid’s birthday party checklist to help take the stress away from party planning. You’ll find everything you need here to get you inspired – from kid’s party entertainment to venues, decorations, invitations, cake, and even party food.


Kids birthday party themes and ideas

If your searching for kids Party ideas then first and foremost, you almost always need a theme! There are many to choose from when planning a children’s birthday party – you just need to find one that suits their personality and interests (in some cases, your child might even help with this one!)

Choosing the theme of your kid’s birthday party will determine a lot of the other details involved, such as the decorations through to the type of food served, the invitations, and even the venue. Once you’ve chosen the theme, you can get started on planning everything else!

If you are still interested in Kids Party Ideas then we’ve created a list of party themes for your children’s birthday. Some are unusual, while some ideas are tried and true:

  • Princess or superhero party: The obvious choice for the little girl or boy in your life celebrating their birthday.
  • Beach or pool party: Just add water to create an awesome summer-themed celebration.
  • Space party: This is a great boy’s birthday party idea that they will remember to infinity and beyond.
  • Boho slumber party: Think dream catchers, lots of fringe garlands, paper fans, throw rugs – and of course, pink!
  • Safari or Jungle Party: With so many jungle party decorations out there, styling this theme will be a breeze!
  • Mascot Character party: Greet & Meet from your child’s favorite Cartoon Character
  • Movie Night party: popcorn + candy + tons of blankets. Who’s comfy for a movie?


Kids party venues

Once you’ve established your party theme, it’s time to consider kid’s party venues. Will you have it in your home’s indoor or outdoor space, or do you have the budget for a unique venue? Whether you’re hosting a 1st birthday or a surprise party for an 8-year-old, you need a stylish atmosphere in which to entertain your little guests.

Here’s just a few children’s party venues in Massachusetts that we love and recommend:

  • Buttonwood Park Zoon in New Bedford, Ma
  • Sky Zone
  • United Fishermens Venue in New Bedford Ma


Kids party hire

When hosting a kid’s birthday party at home (or at a venue), all the little details really count when creating a memorable event. Adult-sized chairs and tables just won’t do for the little ones, so you might need to hire your children’s party equipment – such as the furniture – to ensure it’s in perfect proportion to tiny bodies.

Kid’s party entertainment

As we all know, children need to be entertained or they become restless (and dare we say, destructive?) If you’re looking for unique things to do for a child’s next special event, check out some of these different and popular ways of entertaining kids at parties:

Of course, it’s all about planning age-appropriate activities, so what might appeal to a toddler might not necessarily work for those aged 6 and up. Whatever children’s entertainment you decide, it’s sure to be a novelty for all guests.



The most important ingredient: kid’s party food

Food is an important factor for any party, but when it comes to kid’s birthday parties, it’s only second to the gift receiving! Once you’ve got your guest list and RSVPs, you can start thinking about how much food you’ll need.

While your child and their party guests won’t say no to fairy floss or jelly beans, it’s the hosts who will dread that inevitable sugar crash. At My Little Youngsters Club, we acknowledge that kid’s party food should be fun, so there’s no need to ban all sugar and carbs. However, it’s still possible to make your child’s birthday food healthy without compromising on the level of enjoyment.

Here’s a few ideas on what healthy kids party food to serve:

  • Popcorn
  • Fruit kebabs
  • Marshmallow icy pops
  • Frozen carrot dips
  • Hummus or avocado dip
  • Rice & Beans 🙂

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